In the summer (valid from the middle of June to the middle of October) you will receive the „Lechtal Active Card“ inclusive.

Lechtal Aktiv Card

The card includes the services of:


  • The Hikingbus, which operates between Reutte and Lech, including all the small valleys.
  • Following mountain railway services: Lechtaler Bergbahn in Bach, Steffisalp-Express in Warth as well as the Rüfiskopfbahn, the Oberlechbahn and the Schlegelkopfbahn in Lech.
  • The tennis courts in Elbigenalp/Bach, Stanzach and Holzgau
  • The open-air swimming pool in Elbigenalp/Bach, Häselgehr and Vorderhornbach (additional fee of € 1,- per person).
  • For the indoor pool Aqua Nova in Steeg 25% off regular fees. (Indoor pool with slide!).


The Hikingbus is within 3 minutes walking distance and operates between many starting points for beautiful walks, easy to moderate hikes and more challenging mountain tours.


The river Lech, which is also eponymous for the natural park Lechtal, passes right next to the house. It’s comforting murmuring invites to romantic barbecue evenings, long walks, adventure tours or simply relaxing.


Along the approximately 40 km long field and cycle path, that follows the river Lech and also passes right by the house, you can discover and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and undertake extended bike tours.


Riding lessons and riding outs can be booked at the Hotel Post in Steeg (1,5 km). If you want to discover new perspectives of the Lechtal, paragliding and hang-gliding off the Jöchelspitze in Bach, about 10 km distance, can be arranged. Häselgehr (20 km) invites to rafting and canoeing adventures.